Intermittent fasting: The IF5 program

By: ken Castle

LOOK things have gotten WAYYY out of control. Every time I turn my head there is another so-called health professional promising you will lose 10, 20, or even 100 pounds and all you have to do is completely change your life and everything you love about it.  Stop eating this and stop eating that, eat 6 small meals a day with no snacks in between, drink a fat burner and work out for 1-2 hours every day. For some that is completely doable and some people even like it, but I’m not talking to those health nuts and gym rats who see the gym life as a passion. NOW, nothing wrong with loving the gym life but what about those who work 60-70-hour work weeks? What about those who just want to drop the weight and are not interested in looking like a walking talking muscle? I’m talking to the average man or woman who is looking to improve their quality of life without sacrificing the little bit of quality of life they are trying to hold on to in the first place. What’s the point? There must be another way! And guess what there is. When I began intermittent fasting I was skeptical because I had already tried with consistency many other healthy diets and work out routines that left me gaining weight and not losing it.  I was overwhelmed with the amount of information that was out there. Should you eat every 2 hours or every 5 hours, 6 meals per day or 3 meals per day. One expert believed it one way and another believed it another way. So, I came across some research in regards to intermittent fasting and the benefits it provided, I said what the hell I’ve tried everything else why not. Wouldn’t you believe it the weight started to fall off all 45 pounds of it!! It was the first time in years I could look down and not see belly protrusion. Ok now I was motivated how do I keep this up? How do I keep going? But wait is this safe? Am I starving myself? What are the long-term effects of such a “diet”? Well it just keeps getting better!!

On average people who chose intermittent fasting over traditional diets...



Lose more weight

Retain more muscle

Have better blood sugar regulation

Increase the production of proteins that protect brain cells.

Enhance their ability to repair damaged DNA

Experience Ketosis which forces the body to burn fat as fuel rather than glucose which is healthier

Decreases the accumulation of oxidative radicals in your cells thereby preventing damage to cellular proteins, lipids, and acids associated with aging. So now your body is doing what it needs to so that you can look younger longer as well as fight off disease.

Intermittent fasting raises the human growth hormone

Research has shown that intermittent fasting can raise HGH by as much as 1000% in both men and woman which plays an important role in health, fitness, and slowing the aging process.


In our society eating three large meals a day is considered normal, but think about this; it takes on average the human body about 6 hours to process raw or organic foods and about 8 hours to process processed foods (fast food). So, if you eat breakfast then less than 8 hours later you eat lunch and 8 hours later you eat dinner, when does your body have time to burn fat? Fight off disease? Provide nutrients to the eyes, hair, nails, and skin? It doesn’t, not the way it should anyway. Because all its doing all day long is digesting the food that you eat.

BUT what if your body had more time to work and you were still able to take in the same number of calories you take in daily, this would be the optimal scenario right?

Imagine the time of the hunter gatherers (our ancestors). They worked all day for one meal if that. There was no grocery store or meat markets, you had to kill what you ate. But they survived, that’s why we are here today. They didn’t know the meaning of obesity because it didn’t exist!

Ok good, now let’s talk more about intermittent fasting!

Is it easy? No

Will it happen overnight? No

Will you die? No

Will it change your life forever? YES

For these reasons, I believe 100% That intermittent fasting is the future of fitness and health.

To recap: Intermittent fasting is not a diet, you still get to eat what you want and you will still consume the same amount calories you eat today. Intermittent fasting is not a workout routine, there is no gym there is no equipment needed. QUICK TIP: Dieting and exercise will speed up the process but it is not required. When I started, I was eating fast food at least once a day, that is not ideal but that’s wat I was doing and I lost about 30 pounds before I changed up my diet because I wanted to speed up the process. So, you make the decision on what you eat.

So, for a limited time I am offering my intermittent fasting program to you risk free, no credit card needed for the next 60 days. After that there will be a cost but even then, I’m not going to charge anything near what these other guys charge on the internet probably somewhere between $20 and $40. But if you get in now it’s free to you forever. So, if you’re watching this video after the close of that window I am sorry but I would still urge you to give intermittent fasting a try, I think you will like what you find. There is a link just above or below this video, click that and it will take you to my site where you can sign up for IF5 or intermittent fasting 5, which is a 5-part series I have developed to help you through your intermittent fasting journey and start losing weight!!  Good luck to you all I wish you the best in life I hope your day is great and we will see you inside!!!



Introduction to IF5 and

Hello you beautiful sexy individual!! Thank you so much for choosing to be part of this program. I very excited for you and the journey you are about to take. I’m excited because I too once started down the exact road you are on today. There aren’t many feelings I can think of that are as bad as standing naked in front of my mirror and being uncomfortable with my own body. QUICK TIP: if you want to know just how out of shape you are stand in front of a mirror naked, that will give you the most accurate image of your physique. Clothes have a way of hiding the truth. GOOD NEWS THOUGH! You just joined what is in my opinion the fastest easiest and SAFEST way to lose weight and get your health back. Remember it’s not just about dropping pounds but about improving your quality of life.  Think of all the things you have wanted to do and the places you have wanted to go but decided not to because of your weight. Your health should never be something that holds you back from life, not if it is within your control to change it. And if you’re watching this video then that means it is well within your control. So, I look forward to the road ahead with you, know that you’re not alone and that just over the horizon is a brand new you. You have already taken the MOST difficult step and that is deciding to do something about it. From here it’s all downhill. I’m not saying it’s going to be super easy but I am saying that I know you can do it and I can’t wait to hear your success story a couple of weeks or months down the road.   Remember to take pictures and to document your transformation, it will serve as a testament to your dedication and love for yourself. With that enjoy the next video in this series and have a beautiful day!!







Preparing for intermittent fasting


OK so welcome to video numero uno! I know your all set and ready to start fasting but whooooa wait just a minute turbo let’s talk through just a couple of points first. There are some serious preparations that need to be made to ensure the success of your Intermittent fasting journey. Following these guidelines prior to starting your fast will greatly reduce your risk of failure and fallback.

  1. Junk food in your area: During your fasting period, you will need to clear away any temptation to take in calories. So, any food, drinks or snacks need to be out of site out of mind, this will help you make it through your initial first couple of weeks in the program.
  2. Tell your friends and family what it is you are doing. They need to understand that you have decided to change your life and that you will need all the support you can get. The last thing you want is to be in your fast and you best friend invites you out with the girls for brunch, this form of temptation can end in disaster. Make sure the people who are closest to you know what you are doing and what you require of them when it comes to your intermittent fasting schedule
  3. Water will play a major role in this weight loss program. If you don’t like water and you chose not to drink it, your results will be dramatically slower than if you can drink it daily. I suggest buying a large water bottle and keeping it with you always. We will go more into depth with this in a following video

Not that you are prepared for the change of your life let’s get into the next video and discover just what is Intermittent fasting and how does it work? See you in the next video of the IF5!




What is Intermittent fasting and how does it work?

Welcome back to this five-part series I’m calling the IF5. Intermittent fasting 5

Allow me to first explain what Intermittent fasting is not.




Intermittent fasting is control. Do you want to have control over your life? Who indoctrinated you with the idea that three meals must be eaten every single day? Who told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Probably people who never tried it any other way, probably people who were indoctrinated with these same ideas and never stopped to question WHY? I have been intermittent fasting for 3 years and in those three years I have never ate breakfast while I was fasting, why? Because I know through trial and error that it is not needed and that I have more energy throughout the day when I don’t eat breakfast. But that is my choice and how you fast will be entirely up to you.

Fasting is simply a means of allowing your body the time it needs to do what it does best. BURN FAT! And keep you alive and well. So, let’s give that time back to your body, let’s give back the time that society stole from your body long ago when it started imparting these feeding rules that have no scientific merit. SO, if you’re ready let’s get started with intermittent fasting! The next video will provide you with the information and “rules” you need to get started. I hope you have enjoyed this video and I hope you enjoy the next one even more, I will see you in the next step!




How do I start


Welcome back to IF5 intermittent fasting 5

So How do I start? This is just one of many questions that will be answered in this video. I am going to cover all the bases so that when this video is over you will have all the tools you need to start fasting the right way today. So, without further delay let’s get right into it.

The first aspect I want to get out of the way in regards to intermittent fasting is water. When you start your fast you need to understand that water will play a major role in how much weight you lose and how fast you lose that weight. I recommend a gallon of water a day, however you may need to start off with half a gallon and work your way up after the first week.  Try to push yourself to drink more water each day, also spread it out throughout the entire day no need to try and drink too much at one time.

Next understand that fasting means allowing your body to focus on fat burning and nothing else, the second you introduce a calorie into your system you pull your bodies attention away from its task and now your insulin levels are spiking and your body is unable to burn as much fat as you need it to burn to see results.  Don’t listen to those who will try to tell you that 5 calories are ok or 10-20 calories are ok, it’s not! No black coffee and no artificial sweeteners that you will find in zero calorie zero sugar drinks. My recommendation is that you consume only water during you fasting period at least for the first 3 weeks or until you have lost at least 10-20 pounds. Once you see results and know that your fast is effective then you can feel confident is trying new things. Again, my recommendation is ZERO calories during the fasting window.

Next let’s talk about your fasting window. Some of my clients like to start off fasting for 16 hours a day and eating for an 8-hour window. This is ok. That means that for 16 hours a day you don’t eat anything and you are drinking water. The good news is the time you are asleep can be included in your fasting window. For example; When I started, I would eat from 2pm to 10pm after 10pm I would not eat again till 2pm the next day, that way I was fasting while I was sleeping. You don’t think about food if you are asleep. I saw great results so I quickly transitioned into an 18 hour fast and so now I was eating at 4pm till 10 pm (18 hours) with a 6-hour feeding window. Today I fast for 20 hours a day with a 4-hour feeding window.  Sometimes you will plateau and one way to counter a plateau is to up the fasting window.

So how do you eat? Well once the feeding widow is open you can take in your first meal, I recommend a large meal to kick things off and I usually try to consume two meals per feeding window. You need to pack in everything you will need to make it through your 16-20 hour fasting window so eat up. QUICK TIP: don’t stuff your face with tons of food just because you think you can. Pace yourself and eat till you feel satisfied, one of the worse things you can do is stuff yourself. Stuffing is bad no matter if you are fasting or not that has never been a healthy choice.  So just eat till you fill good not till your stomach is stretched and you feel like you need to lay down, that’s bad!

STUPID TIP: The fast must be consecutive hours, you cannot break it up and snack in between. Once the fast starts do not take in a single calorie until the fast is over. I would recommend kicking off with an 18 hour fast.

OK now schedule, are you an early riser or do you work the graveyard shift? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself before you decide when you will eat and when you will fast. DO you like breakfast or do you prefer a nice dinner? The truth is you must give one of them up. Decide right now if you would prefer breakfast or dinner.

I personally have never cared for breakfast so I skip it and it falls within my fasting window. Today I stop eating at 8PM and I don’t eat again till 4PM the next day.

If you are online and you have read about other forms of intermittent fasting please disregard what you have learned there, this is not only the most popular method but is also by far the most effective! I understand the other 2 methods but I do not recommend them.

NO DAYS OFF! A lot of people will ask, how many days a week do I fast. The answer is EVERYDAY! You want to fast everyday till you hit your goal, however if you are trying to lose over 30-40 pounds you may want to take 1-2 days off after the first 4 weeks is over, then go straight back in just to give your body the restart it will need. I will talk more about this in the bonus video.


TIP: The day off. The day off is one day a week you can take off from intermittent fasting but ONLY after you have reached your goal. On this day, you can do what I call a full day of eating which can include 3 square meals and even snacks if you like. Just remember to reach your goal before you implement this into your weekly routine. This will help you keep the weight off and re-energize your body.

ANOTHER TIP: BUY A RELIABLE SCALE!!! Don’t go cheap on this, it’s something you need to count on, look at reviews and buy a nice digital scale. No need to get one that measures body fat and all this extra stuff just get a good scale that you can step on to get your weight every morning. YOU NEED A SCALE to measure progress. Looking at pictures or yourself in the mirror will not tell you what you need to know. You need a scale to inform you of every pound lost! I promise this is where the motivation and the drive to lose more weight will come from, THIS IS A PILLAR to the program.


SO, RECAP: You have your water. You have your scale. You have your schedule. Time for a call to action. Let’s see just how much weight you can lose and just how fast you will lose it. I am very excited for you and I look forward to hearing about all the mile stones and barriers you are about to break down!!

LAST TIP!!  Like forming any good habit, intermittent fasting must be consistent. If you fall off for even one day, understand that the process starts all over again. Stay with the program for at least 3 weeks, this is what it takes to see good results. After that you will know the power of intermittent fasting and it will drive you to fast more and maybe even drive you start to living a healthier lifestyle. Which would be not only intermittent fasting but also healthy eating and exercise. Intermittent fasting along with a healthy diet and exercise with radically change your life so make sure you are ready for it J and I will see you in step 4 of IF5 fasting for life!


Intermittent Fasting with Diet and Exercise


Hello and welcome to part 4 of this video series IF5. I hope you are making awesome progress and learning all the key points to making Intermittent fasting a successful part of your new life.

I would like to start this video off by say although healthy or clean eating and exercise are not a requirement to lose weight on the IF5 program it is without a doubt a huge bonus and will dramatically increase the speed at which you receive your results. This is not something you need to implement right away but I would recommend that once you start seeing results and intermittent fasting becomes part of your daily routine and your life to start implementing these two additions one by one. I would start with clean healthy eating and then progress to some form of physical activity be it cardio or obtaining a gym membership. These two additions will take you from just losing weight to molding a new you and improving one again your quality of life. No need to go all in though, you are already fasting. Take your time and be patient. When you’re ready add in these 2 additions. If you need additional help I will also be offering a program on eating while intermittent fasting and pro tips on when to work out and some of the key exercises I do to build beautiful lean muscle.

I hope so much that this information has been of tremendous value to you, I hope that your life will change for the better and that you will continue to grow and evolve into the best version of yourself. I also hope that with that your quality of life and the quality of life of those around you is improved.

Also, if you did receive value from the course pass a link to my site or my information along to others whom you believe would benefit from the program as well. Knowledge should always be shared for the good of the world. Thank you again for taking this journey with me I wish you the very best in life, I hope you have an amazing day and I will see you down the road of intermittent fasting for life! Take care!



Intermittent Fasting: The Plateau and the Sling Shot method


WELCOME BACK I hope you are well on your way to losing all those pounds that have kept you from living the life of your dreams. In this video owe are going to talk about something that cannot be avoided and that is the plateau. At some point along your journey you are going to hit a plateau or 2. You will get to a point where not matter what you do the weight just want fall off, you will be stuck and it WOULD be frustrating. But you won’t be frustrated because I have the counter move that eliminate the plateau and get you right back on track to dropping the pounds. I will say that this is one of my trade secrets, me secrete sauce if you will. No matter where you look on line there are ABSOLUTLY NO remedies that I have been able to find to cure the plateau. So, how did I discover my secrete, it’s very simple. TRIAL AND ERROR. I don’t just teach this lifestyle guys I live it every day. So, what is the secrete, it’s a little method I have come to call the “slingshot” That’s right the “SLINGSHOT”. Try for a moment to imagine you’re holding a slingshot and you’ve got it loaded with a nice little marble. What would you say is required to send that baby flying through the open air? Well first u got to grab that band and pull it way back, before you can send it forward. Now imagine a truck trying to get up a hill. It starts out at the bottom of the hill accelerates hits the hill and just as its almost to the top comes to a stop and roles back down. What happened? Well it needs more speed, so what can it do? Well it can back up a little right and get a little more running room, a little head start. Well it’s the same thing with fasting, sometimes you just need to step back and get a running start. Here is what you do. Stop fasting for 3 days, allow your body to eat and relax, After the 3 days is up hit intermittent fasting hard once more this time maybe up the fasting window to 18 or even 20 hours. This will kick start your body back into overdrive giving you the momentum you need to once again drop pounds. Make sure to stick with it for about two weeks, if you continue to plateau just increase your head start to 4 day or 5 days. Wash rinse repeat! And that’s it!

I hope the bonus video was of some huge help to you, use it as a tool or “walking stick” along the journey of intermittent fasting.   That’s it, you have completed the entire IF5 video series and you are completely equipped to lose as much weight as you desire. Keep IF5 as a tool for life and remember to share your knowledge with others. Once again, my name is Ken Castle, have a beautiful day and I will see you on the next adventure.